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respectme works with all adults who play a role in children and young people's lives to give them the practical skills and confidence to deal with bullying behaviour, wherever it occurs.



Bullying in Scotland Report

The largest survey ever into bullying in Scotland is to help shape the support given to children and young people. The survey carried out by respectme, engaged with almost 8,000 children and young people from across Scotland to gain an insight into their experiences of bullying.


Key findings of the survey include:


    • 30 % of children surveyed reported that they had been bullied in the last school year. Of these, 60% happened offline, 21% happened  both on and off line and 19% took place online only;
    • 92% of the children and young people reporting bullying said they knew the person bullying them (92% for offline bulling and 91% for online bullying); 
    • The belief that online bullying thrived on exploiting the anonymity of users is challenged with the majority of respondents (81%) saying their online friends are all, or mostly, the same friends that they have in real life;
    • Bullied young people use a wide range of coping strategies, almost half (48%) tell their parents. Friend and teachers are also highlighted as a source of support; and
    • The survey shows that the most successful way to tackle bullying are those that create a positive school ethos and culture rather than a focus just on individual incidents.

The survey also identified where children and young people go online and what technology they use to get there. This found:


    • Mobile technology has completely overtaken the use of personal computers
    • Google, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are the most popular sites and apps used by children and young people


You can view the summary report here

The full report can be viewed here: Bullying in Scotland Full Report

Parents' Training

We will shortly be offering free practical training sessions to parents and carers across Scotland.  The training is designed to increase your awareness of bullying and the other risks and challenges that young people face online.  It will include a practical, hands-on session on social media, looking at how to set  and manage profiles and privacy settings to help ensure that children and young people are safe online.
Further information, together with how to register a school or Parent Council's interest, will be available shortly.